Assist in the management of inventory movement within a warehouse – be it shipping, receiving, picking and packing, etc. Manage your inventory efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses, all on a single platform.

Paperless Picking and Packing

Within the system you are able to view and print, pick and pack lists for each order. Through customization, paperless picking and packing is also possible. 

Our system also allows multiple users to be working on one order simultaneously. The work completed by one user is updated in real-time in the system so there will be no overlap between workers. When packing orders, our system can also determine the correct sized shipping carton. Many warehouses that use this feature have seen increased accuracy and reduced materials cost.

Manage Inventory Transfers and Returns with Ease

With the Think Aisle system you are able to manage inventory transfers and removals. When inventory is being transferred from one warehouse to another, two orders will be created so that the transfer is properly documented and updated in the system. When an inventory removal is needed – whether it is for broken, damaged, or expired goods – our system is able to process that movement and update the inventory quantities. If the removal requires specific disposal, or repairs are possible, the movement can also be completed through return material authorization (RMA).

Warehouse Management Features

Transfer stock between warehouses

Easily create a stock transfer document and shift stock between your warehouses.

Bin Locations

You can track the locations of your variants in different warehouses, and print out Pick Lists once your orders reach the Shipping stage.

Receive stock into a specific warehouse

On purchase orders, you can specify the warehouse where you wish to receive the stock. When the purchase order is received it will direct the stock into that location.

Sell on consignment

Set up a stock location and do a stock transfer to move stock into that consignment location. You can then create sales orders from that location.

Fulfill orders from a specific warehouse

On sales orders, you can specify the location you wish to send goods from. The stock from that location will automatically decrease when the sales order is fulfilled.


Get reports based on Sales by User for each warehouse and items. We do customized reports for as your business requirements.


We currently offer integrations with third party platforms like ERP or any Shipping Software Talk to us about customization to integrate with other platforms.

Time Stamps

Each action completed in the system is date and time stamped, and associated with a username or ID. Always know who completed what and when it was done.

User Permissions

Users working in different warehouses, or head offices, can have access to the same up-to-date information. This makes remote collaboration possible. You can set specific user roles so you choose who has access to what.

Using Think Aisle has allowed Able to access main location and sub locations inventory under one platform.

Frequently Asked Question

Warehouse management is the process, control, and optimization of warehouse operations from the entry of inventory into a warehouse — or multiple warehouses — until items are moved, sold, or consumed.


No, Think Aisle customize inventory management software for all types of industry domains and businesses.