With simple automation and individualized customization in one handy place, revolutionize your productivity! With our cutting-edge technology, you can easily customize your emails and automate field updates, saying goodbye to time-consuming duties. Our robust platform helps you save time and work more productively than ever.

Unique messages

Why not refine your email messages the same way you work so hard to perfect your products? Create a thank-you email to send each time a customer pays an invoice or composes a unique greeting for your devoted customers. You can use automation to trigger them in response to a specific event or plan them to send at predetermined intervals.

Utilize field automation to your advantage

It is tedious and difficult to fill out the terms and conditions on every sales order for a dependable client. The message can, however, be automatically filled in each time you create a sales order for that customer thanks to field update automation. To make the most of your time, automate the tedious processes.

Bundled advantages

While each of these elements is useful in and of itself, you can combine them to increase their effectiveness. To give you an example, automation can assist in maintaining a flawless billing procedure if you seal a new international transaction. When you use email automation, you may personalize the information in the local language, and when you use field updates, the shipping carrier will automatically be chosen each time you issue an invoice for a specific customer, lowering the likelihood of an error.