Are you interested in using a cloud based inventory management software? Having an organized inventory is important, especially if you’re in the food distribution industry. Think Aisle is an easy to use inventory software that makes managing your stock easier than ever. Our goal is to help business owners save time and money.

Features of the inventory software for food distribution

Here are just a few of the benefits of Inventory Management and Control solution.


The software is cloud based, which means you can access your inventory data on the go from various devices such as a laptop or a mobile phone.


You can integrate other applications with Think Aisle. The software allows for accounting, e-commerce, marketplaces, EDI, shipping, 3PL, reporting, marketing, and many more integrations.


You can customize the inventory software so that it makes sense for your goals. At Think Aisle, we understand that every industry is different, and each business is unique. The customizations available give you more flexibility.


Think Aisle includes item list, product details, variants and reference fields for better inventory visibility.


Customer Specific Order portal – allow vendors or customers to place orders via Order Portal or an Android App.


Stock adjustment allows you to make changes to your inventory when the need arises. Think Aisle simplifies inventory visibility with item lists, product details, and reference fields.


Get notified via emails at the time of new order creation in the software.


You can use item groups and product kitting to boost sales.


The software lets you automate the reorder and replenishment process, so you never run out of stock again.


You are able to pull up detailed reports about your inventory to learn more about what’s selling and what isn’t.


Record each and every step takes to fulfill an order. Provide full audit-trail like who did what at date and time.


Pick, pack and ship the food items based on the Expiry Date and other parameters.


Maintain customer or dealer level special pricing history


Min/max alerts indicating low stock.


Ability to manage 3PL client inventory. Client specific reporting dashboards available.


There is a cycle counting feature that makes it easier to keep track of your inventory.

Why use Think Aisle?

Experienced Team

We have experience with inventory management. Our team understands that managing inventory isn’t an easy task. We have been in this industry for years. We used our expertise to create Think Aisle, which is a software that will streamline your management process.

Customised Solution

We are able to customize the inventory software for your business. You don’t have to do everything on your own because our experts are happy to help you set up Think Aisle. You can schedule a demo to see the software in action.

24/7 Support Available

We will support your business and provide solutions. If you encounter any issues along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you and your team with inventory management.

Inventory Software for Food Distribution

Testimonials from clients in the food distribution industry

"If you work in food distribution, you know how important it is to have an organized inventory. Think Aisle has been helpful. I will continue to use this inventory software going forward. I’ve even recommended it to some of my friends in the industry."

Rob F.

“Think Aisle has made managing my inventory easier than ever before. I have had a very positive experience with the software. Raman and her team helped me get everything set up and running quickly.”.

Zach S.
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