Unleash the true potential of your inventory with Think Aisle

Effortlessly organize your inventory with Think Aisle, Categorize items and create customized product bundles with special pricing. Create powerful Composite Bundles and Item Groups like never before

Grouping and bundling of items

A key aspect of Think Aisle is item grouping and bundling, which enables organizations to arrange their inventory in a more simplified and effective way. With this tool, you can categorize products according to particular standards like type, category, supplier, or any other pertinent factor. This grouping gives you a fast overview of the things available and their current status, allowing you to manage your inventory more effectively.

Organize Your Items

Another crucial element of Think Aisle that enables organizations to better organize their inventory is item sorting. With the help of this tool, you may arrange your inventory according to a variety of criteria, like item name, category, supplier, amount, or any other pertinent metric. With the help of this sorting feature, you can quickly and easily view your inventory in a more meaningful and organized fashion, which makes it simpler to manage.

Make super value bundles

Super value packs are a well-liked feature of Think Aisle that enables companies to provide clients with alluring incentives. Super value packs are collections of related goods that are offered at a lower price than the sum of the component costs. By offering clients a convenient, affordable way to buy several things, this feature effectively boosts sales and customer loyalty.

Create Diverse Bundles

A powerful inventory management technique that enables companies to produce unique, related product packages that are sold at a discount is the creation of captivating bundles. Businesses who sell items that may be conveniently grouped together, such fashion accessories or home décor, will find this functionality to be very helpful.

Curating intriguing bundles is straightforward using Think Aisle. Simply choose the products you wish to include in the bundle, choose the discount rate, and write an effective summary that emphasizes the benefits of the package. Giving customers a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience is an efficient approach to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Control manufacturing stock

Think Aisle plays a crucial role in helping firms optimize their production processes and cut costs by managing manufacturing inventory. With the help of this tool, firms can keep track of the quantities of finished goods, work-in-progress, and raw materials they have on hand at all times.