Utilizing a complete application, easily manage, control, and monitor your inventory. Find the ideal option for your company while still having total control over your goods.

Item management

Effective Item Grouping and Bundling

In a single application, organize your inventory into categories and make attractive product bundles with discounted prices.

Streamlined Multi-Warehouse Management

Keep track of inventory levels and stock movements across sites while managing numerous warehouses with ease and accuracy.

Maintain control over your inventory by accurately tracking individual units or batches using unique serial numbers

Customer Lifecycle

Manage sales orders smoothly from creation through fulfillment to ensure prompt delivery and client satisfaction.

Simple invoicing

Create invoices automatically, keep track of payments, and adjust your billing procedure to suit your requirements.

Convenient Packaging and shipment

With integrations to well-known carriers, streamline your shipment procedure and print shipping labels in bulk.

Vendor relations

Streamlined Vendor Price Lists

Manage purchase orders effectively and receive real-time updates on vendor price.

Manage your whole procurement process, from creating buy orders to processing bills and payments, using automated purchase order and billing solutions.

Back orders and drop shipments can be managed more easily by automating drop shipments and managing backorders for a better vendor experience.


Integrate with well-known post-shipment tracking systems for improved delivery management and tracking.

Integration of leading marketplaces and shopping carts seamlessly

Connect with them to speed up your sales process.

Integrate electronic data interchange (EDI) with suppliers, clients, and partners to ensure smooth communication.

Efficient Accounting Solutions Integration

For automated invoicing and billing, seamlessly interface with well-known accounting software.

CRM integration gives you a complete picture of your customer information and order history. Connect your inventory management system to your CRM.


Reduce the time spent on manual data entry by automating your inventory tracking with barcode scanning.

Custom Web Hooks and Functions

To automate and streamline your inventory management workflows, use custom webhooks and functions.

Automated Email Notifications and Field Updates

To keep your staff informed and your inventory current, automate email notifications and field updates.

Smart Elements

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics

With in-depth reporting and analytics, you can get real-time insights into your inventory levels, sales performance, and vendor management.

Effective SKU Generator

Quickly and accurately generate distinctive SKUs for your inventory goods.

Streamlined Reorder Points

To make sure you always have enough stock on hand, set up reorder points and automate reorder notifications.