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Case Study 

Inventory software for construction equipment

Think Aisle has developed a system that helps with tracking inventory used both in the warehouse and by technicians out in the field.

Many drivers on the road providing services can use the mobile app as a main tool to scan inventory in and out of their trucks and to create purchase orders while out in the field. The application monitors the inventory levels at their customers’ stocking locations and will recommend restocking orders when specific supplies run low. This ultimately strengthens the relationship between vendor and its customers by proactively keeping customer locations stocked and inventory turnover high in the vendor’s main warehouse.


  • Technician Flexibility
  • Real-Time Inventory Information
  • Lengthy Purchase Order Creation


  • Mobile App
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Barcoding
  • Min / Max Level Notifications


  • Mobile Purchase Order Creation
  • Mobile Inventory Updated
  • Real-Time Data Gathering Capabilities
  • Inventory Reports
  • Inventory Tracking

Inventory software for Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics

Think Aisle provides an inventory control and management software to manage both sales orders, purchase orders, and overall inventory processes. Create one step sales orders, print custom invoices for customers, and print custom lists with locations for

warehouse picking. Manage locations within the warehouse plus receive and ship inventory using multiple units of measure. As orders have been created, picked, packed, and shipped from the warehouses, stock levels are updated in real time, so clients are aware of what stock is available at any given time.
Think Aisle has also implemented a kitting solution that automatically combines individual inventory pieces into a single item to fulfill orders. The kitting solution automatically updates the part counts of the individual parts used to make the kit so inventory levels remain accurate. Finally, Think Aisle’s system is also integrated with QuickBooks, an accounting software which makes tracking revenue and costs both accurate and effortless.


  • Tracking Inventory for number of warehouses
  • Kit Creation
  • Maintain Inventory and an accounting software


  • Kitting Function
  • Custom Report Creation
  • Quickbooks Integration – Send Orders to QuickBooks at the end of the day
  • Inventory and Order Management


  • Streamlined Ordering Process
  • Custom Reports
  • Increased Auditability
  • Higher Service Levels

Inventory software for food distribution

Think Aisle is an order management and inventory control software for wholesaler and food distributor warehouses to deliver orders to various restaurants and grocery stores.
Maintain serial numbers, lot tracking, and expiration date for food items. Pick items based on the expiration dates.
Let your customers create the order via an order portal and an order app. It will eliminate mismatched order items and quantities. These orders will land into the main dashboard of the application for warehouse picking, packing, and shipping. Print custom pick list, invoices, and packing lists. Allow your customers to track their order status process and estimated delivery. Maintain special pricing history for different customers. Provide full visibility to your customers for what’s in stock or not.
Get reports for analytical purposes like best selling items in a month. Get notified via email which items are going to expire in the next 3 months.

Inventory software for fashion retailers

Think Aisle provides order management and inventory control software to wholesaler and clothing distributors to ship orders to various shops and customers directly.
Maintain item quantity in various colors and sizes.
Let your customers create the order via an order portal and an order app or a web store like Shopify. Get orders landed into your dashboard to pick item quantity from available locations within the warehouse. Pack them and print packing slips. Integrate with a shipping system to get the tracking number and ship the orders. Customers will be able to track their order status process and estimated delivery time and date. Provide full visibility to your customers for what’s in stock or not at the time of placing an order.
Get reports for analytical purposes.

Inventory software for 3PL Clients

Think Aisle provides an inventory management software to 3PL clients.
Manage multiple clients inventory into one or more warehouses. Pick, pack, and ship orders for different clients. Provides reports to all the clients what has been shipped and received into their inventory on daily, weekly or monthly bases. Provide access to your clients to view their available inventory at the warehouse.

Inventory software for small scale business

Provide full visibility to a retail store salesperson what’s in stock and where items have been stored in the warehouse. Track items on hand quantity based on the order, allocated, and available value. Think Aisle provides a cloud based solution. Track items on hand quantity across different warehouses online. Create sales orders for walk-in customers and print invoices. Create purchase orders based on the min/max values to your suppliers. Notify your suppliers via emails. Receive inventory into the warehouses once the order has been arrived.

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