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Inventory Management and Control

Keep track of your items, avoid stockouts, make prompt reorders, and get notified for low stock level whenever sales and purchases are made. Manage inventory across multiple warehouses all in one place.

Benefits of Inventory Management and Control

Here are just a few of the benefits of Inventory Management and Control solution.

  • Increase Warehouse Accuracy
  • Improve Turnover and Availability
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • Reduce Write-Offs
  • Real time Visibility
  • Improve Relationships
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Transparency
  • Boost Employee Efficiency
  • Improve Delivery Performance
  • Shorten Lead Times
  • Reduce Over-Times

Search Function

Reduce the time it takes to lookup inventory and improve customer service. Quickly look up items based on description, product number, group, manufacturer, location, or category. Full item details will then be displayed for items that match your search criteria.

Customer Specific Order Portal

Having a self-serve model increases ordering efficiency by reducing and streamlining communication. Give customers access to our system so they can see what’s on hand, what’s available, what’s allocated, and place their own purchase orders.

User Access Permissions

Your customer permissions can be set up according to your organization’s needs. You can give them full access, limited access or no access to your inventory system. Giving customers any variation of access has improved our clients’ customer service levels by up to 30%.

Inventory Management and Control Features

  • Cloud Based Access
  • Customizations
  • Cycle Counting
  • Integrations
  • Inventory Movement – Stock Adjustment
  • Inventory Visibility – Item List, Product Details, Variants or Reference fields
  • Items Grouping or Kitting – Item Groups and Kitting
  • Re-Order and Replenishment
  • Reports – Inventory Details Report, Reorder Report, Inventory Stock On Hand Report, Location Report




Inventory List

View item’s on-hand, on-order, allocated and available stock levels for each location.

Item details

Item details include part number, barcode, description, groups, multiple UOM, notes, min/max levels, cost/price, and multiple images.

Item History

Think Aisle maintains an item history by logging each transaction type, date, and quantity.


Each item can contain separate variants with different options such as weight, size and color, as well as bundles and pack sizes.

Bundles and Kitting

Create Kits and Bundles to ship or receive them as a single unit.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanners can be used to search items by barcode, immediately entering item information into sales and purchase orders.

Inventory details report

Check total stock on hand and filter by location or item type, total stock available, and total units committed. With our stock control software, the details can also be split by each product and variant.

Stock adjustments

Our inventory control software enables you to increase and decrease stocks levels for new products, returns, damages, shrinkage, and promotions – which also works for multi-item stock adjustments.

Inventory stock on hand report

See your total units on hand plus total costs, retail value and total profit value for the stock on hand. For each product or variant, see the number of units in stock, if they’re taxable or not, the MAC, the retail price, the inventory value, the retail value, the profit value and the profit margin.

Incoming stock report

Check incoming stock by supplier and cost by supplier. For each product or variant, supplier name, the number of purchase orders, the stock on hand, the incoming stock, and the total cost of incoming stock will be displayed. Our inventory management software also lets you filter by location.

Location report

Select a warehouse or stock location and check stock on hand, committed stock, last ordered stock, last purchased stock, inventory value, profit value and profit margin.

Stock on hand syncs with sales/purchase orders

Stock on hand values are updated in the inventory tracking system once orders are fulfilled.

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